Cross TRI challenge


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We care about you whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a pro!


Surrounded by the peaks of Mont Fort and Grand Combin, there is plenty of eye-catching scenery

as you swim, bike and run.

This off-road triathlon challenge can be done on a normal MTB or an E-bike. In both cases we recommend at least a front suspension. You need to sign up for a starting slot in the pool or start biking within the indicated starting block if you don't swim. The event is not officially timed. We welcome you all to share your experience on our platform!

The challenge begins this year in Verbier at the outdoor pool!

You swim under the blue sky with 4000 meter pieks around you. The challenge is to swim 500- 1000- 1500 meters in our 25 meter lane, followed by a Verbier single track (1 choice out of 3)  and you finish with a trail run on soft grounds (1 choice out of 3).

We invite you to challenge yourself and your friends / family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in Verbier.  With events available for the all ages, why not consider making it a weekend affair?!

MTB Course

15km and 420m per Round
Beginner to intermediate technical Level

cross course.jpeg

Running Course

10km run, mostly trail, 440m climb in total
Beginner technical Level

cross 2.jpeg