Verbier Triathlon Club

The local club that brings people together to enjoy the outdoor multi-sport!

We are a small and growing club with sports enthusiasts of all nationalities.Our members can come and train at any time with the club.


Members' interest varies from the occasional sports enthusiast to the year-round training and performing athletes. Our goal is to share the joy of the outdoor multi-sport practice here in Bagnes.

We have authorisation swim laps in the Gouille à Vaudan at dedicated times and with clear regulations. Open water swimmers that want to become pat of our open water swim group, need to sign these regulations.

All members must enter the terrain from the back road which is a communal road and stay well away from the working terrain. Please inform yourself of all the rules and become a member if you wish to swim. We offer a low- entree package for open water swim enthousiast.


We provide a year-round swim learning and training program for children from 4 to 16.

Our instructors are qualified kids coach instructors with years of experience.

We provide year-round multi-sport programs with MTB training, running and swimming. Beginners and young children can not enter a group before testing their capabilities.​​

We except up to 150 CHF in jeunesse sport commune vouchers for children from Bagnes and you can save yourself an other 50 CHF with our volunteers program.

Open water

  • 1 coaching session

  • all open water trainings

35 CHF

Actif Member

  • all training sessions

  • discounted licens

  • discount on events 

95 CHF

Actif Member

  • year round coaching
    Invitation to our event

  • free events

350 CHF

Trainer/Coach Member

  • discounted license

  • all training and formation sessions

35 CHF

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