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The local club that brings people together to enjoy the outdoor multi-sport!

We are a small but growing club with sports enthusiasts of all nationalities.


Sign up for 1-6 initiations of triathlon

6 triathlon initiation sessions Valais Romand kids

Monthey outdoor pool: 06.05/ 30.09
Martigny outdoor pool: 10.06/ 12.08/ 09.09
Sion les Illes (swimming optional): 14.10
Your first kids triathlon in Sierre on 19.08.2023

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Swim lessons for beginners and advanced swimmers

We offer weekly lessons from Monday to Saturday

Low season package (22+ sessions for 315CHF)
Winter package (10+ sessions for 200 CHF)

Bike & Run training from April to November
Bike & run training on Wednesday from 13h00-14h30
Children bike & run package

Our programs

We provide swim, bike and run learning and training programs for children from 4 to 16.

Our instructors are qualified kids coach instructors with years of experience.

Beginners and young children can not enter a group before testing their capabilities.​​


We accept up to 150 CHF in jeunesse sport commune vouchers for children from Bagnes. Please use the discount codes (50-100-150) and send us the vouchers with the name of the child written on the back!

Events we go to:
17.06.2023 Sion friendly & initiation from age 13

18.06.2023 Chamonix triathlon
(from 8-11 years old)

Kids cup Nicolas Spirig Sierre kids only


26.08.2023 Verbier triathlon open day in le Châble


sign up as a triathlon member 115 chf / year

triathlon initiation sessions youth and adults:
Martigny etang du Roset: 04.06/ 20.08/ 01.01
Sion les Illes: 17.06/ 15.10
le Châble: 26.08
Your first triathlon in Evian: 17.09.2023
Register for all of it as a triathlon member here.
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Swim group lessons:

We offer group lessons on Monday, and Thursday evening in the Mondzeu pool in Verbier. Sign up as a basic member (35 chf) and have access to our club programs)

Open water swim coaching in le Châble
We offer 10 weeks of coached swim sessions at the Gouille from 18h30 to 19h30. Dates: 25.05/ 01.06/ 07.06 (wednesday!) 15.06/ 22.06/ 04.08/ 11.08/ 18.08/ 25.08/ 01.09. Costs: 20 CHF per session or 150 CHF for the package.

Swim training year-round
Thursday evening is our fixed day. We use the indoor pool as well as the outdoor pool and open water. Sign up for our triathlon package. (from 115 CHF / year)

Run training April to November:
Monday evening at 18h30 from le Châble skate parc. 

Sign up as a basic member and run with us (35 CHF/ year).

Road bike outings with a seperate group for women.

Sunday mornings we start with the roadbike session for those that especially join us for the bike-ride and our Fast & Female program.

Dates: 02.04/ 04.06/ 20.08/ 09.09/ 01.10
Not a member yet?


MTB outings and technical training
We are starting with an adult MTB group depending on the interest we get. This could be done on Wednesday at 18h00 from le Châble.


Events we go to:
Tri Valais friendly interclub adults only 17.06.2023
Chamonix triathlon kids & adults 18.06.2023
Kids cup Nicolas Spirig Sierre kids only 19.08.2023
Verbier triathlon open day in le Châble 26.08.2023

Triathlon Evian adults only 17.09.2023
Open water swimming
We have the authorisation to swim laps (600M) in the small private lake in le Châble at dedicated times and with clear regulations. Open water swimmers that want to become part of our open water swim group, need to sign these regulations. Sign up here.

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